Microfiber Surf Poncho

Thick Microfiber Surf Poncho (Wetsuit Changing Robe/Towel)

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  • Surf Poncho makes changing in and out of your wetsuit EASY, COMFORTABLE, and WARM.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – even tall guys like Stevie! Other ponchos are short and can still leave you exposed, so we made ours taller. 47 inches (120cm) from top of shoulders to bottom of robe.
  • THICK MICROFIBER is soft on your skin and dries quickly. Machine washable for easy care.
  • ABSORBS WATER – Poncho doubles as a towel to dry yourself after surfing, so you don’t need an additional towel .
  • PERFECT GIFT for that hard-to-please surfer. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, graduation, or “just because”, your surfer will be stoked to receive this poncho!


Product description

Let’s face it… changing in public is awkward! Fumbling with a towel while you change in and out of your wetsuit can be trickier than it looks. One slip of the towel, and you’re exposed to the world. We designed our surf poncho to give you privacy while changing in public. It makes it easy to get in and out of your wetsuit, without mooning the parking lot.

One major pitfall of other surf ponchos is their short length. It doesn’t do you any good if it doesn’t go below your knees, because you’ll expose yourself as soon as you sit down to change. So we gave our ponchos extra length, 47 inches from shoulder to bottom of robe. Our founder Stevie is 6’2”, and he made sure the poncho is long enough even for tall people like himself.

This poncho is the best “surf towel” you could ever ask for.

Of course, it can be used for more than changing in and out of a wetsuit… whether you need to change in/out of your swimming suit, bikini or board shorts, bike shorts, costume, or just regular clothes, this poncho is like having your own portable changing station wherever you go.

– Sleeveless robe with full hood.

– Low lint, so you won’t be all fuzzy after changing or drying yourself off.

– Unisex -Male or female, dude or chick, brah or honey girl… anyone can use this surf robe.

– Plush microfiber material keeps you warm, and dries you off quickly after surfing.