Hello Moneypenny,

Agent ID: Todd 037. I grew up in Southern California and spent as much time as possible surfing in Malibu …well, falling most of the time.

You have surely deduced by now that I love surfing and James Bond… actually most spy and espionage thrillers. So, I decided to create this site around surfing products and other items that I thought would be cool and unique and a nice surprise find for most people.

I also love graphic design and movie quotes and blended all of those things to¬† create Surfing Spy. Forgive me if I’ve taken the theme a little far, but I don’t like boring…even if it is a bit cheeky.

I hope you enjoy surfing the site and find a new surprise each time you do . Please contact me anytime from the “Bug Us” page. I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns.

Happy Surfing and Spying!